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Portfolio Management

Integrated Solutions for Portfolio Management

Institutional portfolio management seeks to maximize the return on investments within risk boundaries as derived by the risk appetite of the company or regulatory requirements. Highly volatile markets and unprecedented low interest-rate market conditions impose strong challenges on the participants. New products call for sophisticated techniques for representation, valuation, and analysis.

Portfolio management requires discipline and skill in balancing risk and reward opportunities. It is necessary to understand current positions and to be able to gauge the impact of investment decisions on future performance. Strategic asset allocation formulates and implements investment strategies which need to be monitored closely and revised when necessary.

Aquantec Ocean assists portfolio managers in tracking their portfolios and making superior investment decisions.

The Challenge

In order to find optimal asset allocations and to efficiently manage portfolios even in adverse market conditions, investors are facing significant challenges:

  • capture and maintainance of all the positions of a portfolio in a consistent way,
  • calculation of accurate prices of the products across all asset classes,
  • assessment of the risk of a portfolio for various kinds of risk factors,
  • combination of market-valuation, accounting, liquidity, and risk considerations,
  • computation of future performance and portfolio developments for forecasting,
  • investigation of different portfolio-allocation possibilities and strategies,
  • requirements for internal and external documentation and reporting.

Portfolio managers need the right information and perspective to analyze and execute the best strategies with confidence. By contrast, they are often limited by a fragmented infrastructure providing conflicting information depending on the business view. In addition, new regulatory requirements increase the demands on management resources to analyze, comply, and report on their activity.

Key Features of Aquantec Ocean for Portfolio Management

Aquantec Ocean offers consolidated views of portfolios with drill-down capabilities to analyze present positions and to test future developments. Aquantec Ocean contains the tools that empower you to

  • capture all your investment products, from plain-vanilla to highly complex assets,
  • cover the asset classes interest rates, FX, inflation, credit, equity, commodity, real estate, and other alternative investments,
  • perform consistent valuations of all your assets and portfolios within a single system,
  • evaluate your financial products using sophisticated pricing models,
  • measure the impact of market-data changes on the valuation of your assets,
  • calculate accurate risk factors for your portfolio by employing advanced algorithms,
  • conveniently formulate and apply asset-allocation strategies including rebalancings,
  • design scenarios reflecting market conditions in a flexible and yet convenient way,
  • investigate the future performance of your investment strategy under a given scenario,
  • inspect the evolution of market and book values, liquidity, and profit and loss figures,
  • create meaningful reports from your data and analyses,
  • easily address regulatory requirements for portfolio management in banking and insurance.

Aquantec Advantage

Aquantec Ocean equips portfolio managers and investment strategists with the tools, information, and processes needed to make strategic allocation decisions and to optimize their portfolio-management performance.

Aquantec Ocean is a software solution that covers your business needs in a highly efficient and easy to integrate system that harnesses complexity and empowers portfolio managers to be more effective in meeting the challenges of modern portfolio management.

Efficiency, accuracy, transparency: The modern architecture of Aquantec Ocean provides the means to chart the course for the future with confidence.