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Aquantec Ocean is a solution for pricing and trading as well as portfolio and risk management. It is designed to satisfy the needs of customers in a flexible and coherent way by employing a modular structure with each module addressing specific business demands.

Aquantec Ocean Portfolio-Data Management is designed to capture a broad range of financial products in a uniform and comprehensive data model and to support the full life-cycle management of trades or positions on financial products.

Aquantec Ocean Market-Data Management assists in importing, validating, interpolating, calibrating, transforming, and visualizing market data comprising quotes, curves, surfaces, and cubes as well as model parameters.

Aquantec Ocean Pricing offers a powerful and flexible pricing environment to evaluate plain-vanilla and structured products with state-of-the-art models and algorithms.

Aquantec Ocean Risk Analysis provides a framework to calculate a broad range of risk sensitivities under multiple market-data scenarios customizable for regulatory demands.

Aquantec Ocean Portfolio Simulation evolves portfolio and market data over time and derives market and book values of the portfolio, which is rebalanced dynamically using rule-based investment strategies and market-data projections.

Aquantec Ocean Reporting utilizes a workbench for integrated and aggregated risk views combining valuation and risk results with relevant product and market data to obtain flexible reports for varied purposes and target audiences.

Aquantec Ocean

Software for Pricing and Trading,
Portfolio and Risk Management