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Our approach to tackling the challenges in finance

At Aquantec, we think of software as an asset, not a liability. Software should allow the client to model his capabilities to represent his strengths.

We provide powerful solutions for business problems in the highly complex banking and insurance domain whose demands require the software to be both robust and flexible at the same time.

We address these challenges by our domain-driven design, which tackles complexity in the heart of software. Modularity in all layers ensures a high degree of flexibility, reusability, and scalability. Software and domain experts collaborate closely in order to achieve high technical and business standards and provide our clients with advanced quantitative technology.

»To design an architecture that meets the highly complex specific requirements of portfolio and risk management, you have to know as much about the subject matter as the algorithm developer must know about the requirements of the software. When this prerequisite is met the result is a cross-fertilization and reciprocal enrichment of mathematical method and technological expertise, which calls for mutual respect and the ability of both sides to communicate with each other. The same is true of the combination of relational data bases and object-oriented programming. That’s the strength of our team – as well as our software.«