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Aquantec Ocean

Software for Pricing and Trading, Portfolio and Risk Management

»We wanted software that met our own high standards and are sure that you are also not prepared to settle for less. All too often, we ourselves had to look for ways to adapt our business processes to a given system. We wanted a software that adapted to our processes – not vice versa. And one that worked for all asset classes.

Aquantec Ocean integrates the entire spectrum of functionality required to operate in financial markets into a single system. You work with a large number of meticulously melded components that deliver the information you need – flexibly and efficiently.«

Consistent cross-asset capability

Aquantec Ocean gives you true cross-asset capability over the entire range of its functions leveraging its generic data model – comprehensively and seamlessly, integrated instead of parallel. We enable aggregated risk views and complex simulations across all asset classes.

State-of-the-art models and algorithms

The models and algorithms Aquantec Ocean uses make the software reliable and facilitate transparent evaluation. That means security, clarity, and precision for you and your business.

Joint dynamic simulation of market data and rebalancing of portfolios

The powerful simulation capabilities of Aquantec Ocean – in combination with the determination of market and book values – allow you to optimize your investment strategies and to satisfy recent regulatory requirements.

Future-proof architecture and technology

Our scalable architecture and technology are free of the baggage of older systems. Resilience and transparency are ensured by the sophisticated interaction of all system components. Modular structure and agile development make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Aquantec Ocean
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