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Software Architecture

Robust and flexible structures for your business processes

»Perfecting both domain modeling and architecture and combining these two aspects with each other – that's sophisticated communication.«

Aquantec Ocean is based on a tried and tested multi-layer model which ensures scalable, efficient, and flexible handling of current and future business requirements.

The infrastructure layer is responsible for all aspects of data access, logging, and messaging. The domain layer covers all business functionality and is divided into business entities, business components, and business processes comprising the data model, the business logic, and the orchestration, respectively. The application layer hosts various kinds of workflows. The client layer represents the smart client which deals with all user interactions as well as batch-client and calculation-service operation modes.

The »Core« of Aquantec Ocean is the result of a filtering and distillation process that took place over many years in which the domain's essential abstractions were identified. These core abstractions are based exclusively on interface definitions that define the individual roles played by the software components.

Aquantec Ocean offers a large number of prefabricated customizable components. This enables a highly dynamic adaptation to specific needs. The generic entity model allows new product types to be introduced in an efficient manner.

To achieve its robust and flexible structure, Aquantec Ocean leverages the Microsoft .Net Framework. All processes can be perfectly tailored to user requirements and achieve the best possible performance. All activities can be carried out locally or distributed as needed, enabling an optimal balancing. Aquantec Ocean's core business abstractions are reflected in an intuitive user interface. Integration with Office products is built-in.