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Jonathan Kelly

Chief Technical Officer

Jonathan Kelly founded Aquantec together with Georg Meyer. He holds a Master of Arts in Computer Science and Management Studies from the University of Cambridge. At Aquantec, he is in charge of software architecture and the design of technical and business components.

Before joining Aquantec, he has been advising HypoVereinsbank and the UniCredit Group since 2001 as software consultant, primarily on issues related to software for interest-rate, equity, and inflation-linked products. Before, he worked for Bayerische Vereinsbank as a financial engineer and trader.

»Architecture and technology determine the quality with which the language of business is translated into software. Anyone who under­estimates the complexity of the business will soon be caught up by it. That's why so many historically evolved systems have had to capitulate in the face of ever growing requirements.

We avoid this danger by keeping our eyes focused on the whole as well as on the details – at all levels. Architecture – whether we're talking about buildings or software – is more than just constructing. It's about planning things and shaping them with care. The trick is to be complex without being complicated.«