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Data Model

The best of two worlds forged into a single system

Aquantec Ocean puts a strong emphasis on a powerful data model with generic abstractions. A conceptual data model ensures that the system combines high performance with easy extensibility. The domain-specific logic is built on top of this model, remaining independent and focused.

The three-level data-access layer comprises carefully-chosen object-oriented abstractions of the business logic, relational structures at the database level, and a conceptual model bridging the two worlds. The concept of encapsulation is systematically implemented at all three levels with stable generic interfaces developed in a process of continuous refactoring and refinement over an extended period of time.

The entire model is designed to provide true cross-asset capabilities, which it has successfully proven for a wide range of products and portfolios in financial institutions with different business foci. The precise specification and technical implementation of core entities ensures an easy integration of new product and market data.